From Scratch, With Love

Herzlich Willkommen!

I’m so happy you found us. My name is Deanna & I am the chef & owner at The Salty German, The Sweet German, & our new (ad)venture Fitzhugh Kitchen.
We are based out of beautiful Wimberley, Texas but can cater & serve anywhere – yes, we’ve traveled out of state before 😉

If you are looking for authentic German cuisine, you’re in the right place. We pride ourselves in the fact that we cook everything we can from scratch and what we can’t make, we have custom made by our amazing German Butcher & Baker. If neither works, we import to preserve authenticity. There’s a reason we are wildly popular & highly rated! We’ve even had people travel in from out of state to eat with us!

We currently cater a variety of ways. Anything from small, private dinners, to full blown weddings & company events. We are also starting to make artisan breads, jams, and more – why? Because we believe in whole, fresh, delicious food. You can learn more about that on our blog!


We LOVE catering. We know you’re sad we currently don’t have a sit down place but we hope with enough catering, we can afford to build out a nice place you’ll enjoy with us. We’ve had nothing but amazing feedback when we cater any type of event and we want you to experience our food too. We’d be happy to cater your small dinner once or regular, or your birthday, Sunday family lunch, your office lunches or parties, or rehearsal & wedding dinners. You don’t have to miss out on our food because you think we only want to do the big jobs! We explain this in detail on our blog 😉

Not always in the mood for German? I get that – I also have clients that love my health catering – it’s similar to meal prep but fresh & delicious. Interested? Let’s chat!

Cooking Classes

I am a bit behind schedule here – but I am almost finished with my curriculum for the little ones & teens. Adults will have to wait a bit longer 😉 I’ll offer fun, educational cooking classes for kids & teens that will be building on each other. We start with basics & cook our way through different techniques & tastes. I anticipate classes either come in 4 or 8 week blocks.

Additionally, I’ll have special event classes like Easter, 4th of July, etc where I’ll allow “drop off” – here we will create a specific type of food for that event. I.e colored Easter eggs & bread nests or Easter cookies.

Want to learn more?

Curious about Chef Dee, her inspiration, love for coffee & tea, other things she’s up to, how to social media & website as a food business, being a women entrepreneur with children, making connections & friends, being a Germarican in Texas, her favorite local beer, how she can help you with your event, or anything else.. get in touch. If you promise coffee, you’ll likely get her to meet you at Cactus Coffee on a beautiful day.