Herzlich Willkommen!

We are so excited that you’ve found us. We are Deanna & Jonathan Ayres, the proud owners of the Salty German in Wimberley, Texas & Fitzhugh Kitchen in Dripping Springs.

We no longer have our trailer in Wimberley but are still dedicated to bring delicious German food to Central Texas. We currently focus on Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners, as well as a to-go option for family style meals & lunches, and cooking classes. We hope to start in February 2019 so stay tuned and follow our facebook for more up to date information.

Fitzhugh Kitchen is coming to Dripping Springs this year! We can’t give you too much information just yet but follow the facebook page there for regular updates! It’ll be amazing. We also cater German & European food as Fitzhugh Kitchen unless you ask us to come as the Salty German 😉

Deanna grew up in a small town called Neckarburken in Germany that’s nestled between Heidelberg & Stuttgart and has made it her mission to bring authentic, regional, German cuisine to Wimberley and the surrounding cities.

All of our food *except the fries* is either custom ordered from a German bakery and butchery to preserve the authenticity, or cooked from scratch by Deanna as she learned it from her Oma & Mama while growing up in Germany. Deanna also had formal chef training in Germany to refine her innate talent for cooking and developing flavors.

We are dedicated to shop local as much as possible and can guarantee that our meats like the sausages & Fleischkaese are made from 100% good meats & fat, non gmo, no sugar, no filler, no scrap meats, no added anything, and gluten free.

Feel free to stop by and chat with us about Keto, Gluten Free, Paleo, and other dietary options. We can make it happen, feed you, and make sure it tastes great!

We are going to focus on catering weddings, office events, parties, family reunions and more. Check out our catering page for more info!

Omg…best food ever. For a moment I was teleported back home. Really true German Food (this is coming from a German). I will be a regular Stammkunde for sure.


I went for a Mother’s day lunch and got the schnitzel plate. It was fantastic! Everything was so flavorful and cooked to perfection. I will definitely be returning and recommending to everyone!