I can’t begin to explain and share my excitement over what’s been happening and the wonderful reception we’ve received not only from Wimberley but all the people that have traveled to eat with us at our little trailer. I figured as I have time I’d start blogging about our family, our adventure, cooking, and history etc of German food. I may throw in a recipe or a hint at something on our secret menu in every now and then so make sure you either subscribe or at least check back regularly!

It’s Schnitzel Time has become somewhat of a slogan or calling after we had a video feature that highlighted my Schnitzel Meal as I shouted “It’s Schnitzel Time!!” So, it’s a fitting first post.

What Is Schnitzel?

Schnitzel is a thinly pound piece of meat that is seasoned, breaded, and fried. That’s the quickest explanation. Now, there are quite a few variations of Schnitzel – I even have a Schnitzel cookbook! So let’s talk about some of the more common ones:

  • Wiener Schnitzel
    Wiener Schnitzel is made with VEAL. You cannot call your Schnitzel “Wiener” if you make it with anything but veal. Yes, there are Schnitzel Rules. It traditionally is served with a slice of lemon. Wiener Schnitzel the hot dog place is a lie in my book haha. So don’t get those two confused.
  • Jäger Schnitzel
    This type of Schnitzel is often made with pork. The same concept applies to all Schnitzel – you pound it super thin 0.5 -0.7cm (sorry I still don’t know American inches well), season it, flour, egg wash, breading – so I don’t have to keep saying it 😉
    For Jäger Schnitzel you make a brown mushroom gravy. That’s what makes it the “Hunter Schnitzel” I personally prefer a cream mushroom gravy, which is what I serve at The Salty German but it can also be a dark brown sauce. schnitzel
  • Zigeuner Schnitzel
    This type of Schnitzel can actually be made breaded or unbreaded, although, I don’t consider it schnitzel if it’s baked in the sauce with no breading. Delicious, yes. Schnitzel, meh, no. The sauce that makes this Schnitzel unique is a blend of paprika seasoning, onions, and red bell peppers. It’s a very flavorful, reddish sauce that reminds me of Hungarian cooking.
  • Rahm Schnitzel
    Again, likely made with pork, it’s topped with a light brown cream sauce that’s absolutely delicious.
  • Hawaii Schnitzel
    Now, we are a bit more adventurous and it’s not necessarily a common way of eating it BUT I like it so I’m adding it. You take a pork Schnitzel, top it with a slice of pineapple, a slice of ham, a slice or two of cheese, and put it in the oven just long enough for the cheese to melt. Top with red cherry.. YUM
  • Chicken Schnitzel
    It’s fairly common, believe it or not, and has fast become one of my favorite ways to eat it – but not like you’ll expect. I’ve been playing around with different ways to eat chicken Schnitzel and my 3 favorite ways are: WITH HONEY. Yes, best thing ever – add a dang waffle and we have a winner! Then with waffle fries and mushroom gravy – OMG. Finally, with honey on delicious, homemade, fluffy biscuits.

Of course, there are more varieties and ways to eat Schnitzel but my favorite way is with Spätzle or as a sandwich. Oh yeah, Schnitzel actually tastes good cold too.

While I don’t serve the majority of these at my trailer, I can make them all or bring them as specials occasionally, so make sure you follow The Salty German on Facebook.

From a catering perspective, I do offer all of these.

Obviously, I love Schnitzel. It’s my best seller and I make sure that I not only pound them out to be pretty big twice a day, I also make sure I make them fresh with my own spice blend, farm fresh eggs, and breading I have custom made to achieve the proper breading. Not all breadings are created equal 😀

My friends have dubbed me Schnitzel Queen, so now I just need a Schnitzel Scepter (Schnitzel on a stick??) so I can announce the official Schnitzel Time of the day haha.

What’s your favorite way to eat Schnitzel? What would you love to try?

Until next time,

The Schnitzel Queen.


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