As most of you know, we’ve decided not to renew the lease on our trailer and have closed it down. If we missed you, we’re sorry, but know we will still be around! We’ve worked hard to make a lot of awesome things happen this year with greater plans for the future.

All of your support and every kind word of encouragement has allowed us to reach for the stars and believe that we can make amazing things happen. So without further ado, here are our official plans for 2019:


We have had some wonderful feedback and amazing experiences catering rehearsal dinners and weddings and have decided that we want to really expand into catering those special days for our couples. We’re pretty niche but I promise I have some fantastic food ideas I am going to update and work with moving forward. You can get an idea of what’s to come here
Catering Menu
And if you know someone that’s getting married and would love to work with us, send them on over, we are already booked quite a bit!

To-GO Family Style

Yeah, you’ve read that right! Wimberley, we aren’t going anywhere, we are just changing things up. We are renovating our second kitchen to be approved as a commercial and manufacturing kitchen and bakery that’ll allow me to serve food to go! Y’all just can’t hang out to eat with me at our house. That being said, we will have rotating menus that are PRE-ORDER only and mostly served family style. While I’ll still focus on mainly German, I fancy Italian food too so you might find lasagna etc as well. Here is a sample menu so you can get a better idea:

Mixed Salad
Homemade Vinaigrette
Main Course
Mushroom Gravy
Black Forest Pudding

You’ll be able to check out at least 2 weeks in advance with available dates, cost, and how many it feeds (2,4,6,8)
There will also be days I’ll make single meals because I understand not everyone has a family to feed!
You’ll be able to order ahead of time and pre-pay. If I know you well enough, you’ll be able to pay cash upon pickup. I’d just hate to have no-shows. If the order is big enough we can also deliver! Pickup times will be set and are not negotiable.

Cooking Classes

I’ll start hosting cooking & baking classes as soon as my kitchen is finished. I am still working on the curriculum for them. I’ll start with kids and teens and hopefully move on to adults soon thereafter. I want to teach in stages – basics, techniques, etc. and make special one off classes during the holidays. You can sign up for that newsletter here:

Fitzhugh Kitchen

Lastly, and what you’ve all been waiting for – we are excited about this but still can’t release too much information as some details are still being brewed and that process takes time! We are waiting on permits and construction and finalization. BUT we can tell you this:
Yes, it’s going to be in Dripping Springs!
Yes, we will cater under that name! (I feel it’s more appropriate for weddings and rehearsals)
Yes, initially it’ll only be a limited menu.
Yes, it’s a biergarten!
Yes, there will be some amazing German beer.
Yes, in the future we will have a full kitchen.
No, I am not posting where yet.
No, no Schnitzel – yet.
No, I am not kidding 😉

YES Follow the facebook page because it’ll be updated!

Facebook Group

Lastly, join me and other like minded German fans in my Facebook group. I’ll share recipes, travel tips, recommended food and tools, and more! You can join here The Salty German’s 

*I will share some of my favorite things and I am going to be upfront that I’m an influencer and may earn a small commission on anything you might buy too or that I get some things for free to review. BUT I will always make a note #ad or #affiliate to indicate it as such. It’ll help me grow our business and bring you the best things I can think of!


While I won’t open a full bakery, I will continue to bake as it’s my passion. I am working with a few local places that want to sell my cakes and desserts and I can’t wait to share that! You’ll still be able to order full cakes with me of course!

I am super excited for this year and want to thank you for your patience and continued support!


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