Hungry? Let’s Eat!

Lunch & Dinner Catering I think I've kept y'all waiting long enough! I am excited to announce that we've finished renovating our kitchen and it is beautiful & functional. I am so thrilled with it! That means I am ready to cook again. While I am not quite ready to operate under "to-go" I am [...]

Germany Vacation Ideas

I had a wonderful question in our Salty German Community the other day about vacationing in Germany and what I'd think would be a great experience so I figured I'd map out the first of a few vacation ideas I'd recommend. So today we'll start with MY favorite area - Odenwald. First Stop: Mannheim Wasserturm [...]

2019 Plans

As most of you know, we've decided not to renew the lease on our trailer and have closed it down. If we missed you, we're sorry, but know we will still be around! We've worked hard to make a lot of awesome things happen this year with greater plans for the future. All of your [...]

A Quick Salty German Update

Hey Y'all, I know you're probably wondering what's going on and why we've been off and on the last month and a half. Well, we have 3 kids and a busy schedule with them. We are, as you know, family owned and run by mom and dad. That creates schedule conflicts sometimes and as much [...]