Amazing food! Absolutely authentic & homemade. We lived in Germany for 9 years & this is the best German food we’ve found back in the States. And believe me, we’ve tried a lot of places. Talked to the chef & you can tell she puts her heart & soul into this. Just loved this family run place. Wimberley is very lucky to have The Salty German. Willkommen!

Published by deannaayres

I am the Chef & Owner behind The Salty German in Wimberley, TX and Fitzhugh Kitchen in Dripping Springs. I'm also an avid *food* blogger and want to highlight the importance of local foods, vendors, and farms while cooking and investing in your health, family, and community. When I am not working I am a dragon loving, coffee drinking, superhero, fitfanatic, healthy food advocate, with 3 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, and iguana, a husband, and a lot of goals for the future.